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Are Viral Videos Spelling The End For Slapstick Comedians

Before, people often looked up videos and watched DVDs of their favorite stand-up comedians performing their jokes when they were bored and looking for something to keep them entertained. Nowadays, however, there are lots of different videos out there to watch when one is bored, and it can be impossible to watch all of them, no matter how hard you try. Not only are there viral videos out there about other things, but there are countless humorous videos out there to watch. Does this mean that viral videos will put slapstick Read the rest of this entry »

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Which Online Magazines Post The Funniest Content

When it comes to picking the funniest online magazine, the humor fan would be hard-pressed to choose between the satirical “The Onion” and “Cracked.” Both began life as print magazines. “The Onion” was started by two students at the University of Wisconsin in 1988 and for several years was a local humor paper before going online in the mid-1990s. The origins of “Cracked” go all the way back to 1958 when it originally appeared as a competitor to the classic “Mad.”

While “The Onion” runs fake news stories that are sometimes nearly indistinguishable Read the rest of this entry »

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Something Awful is Truly Something Special

When was the last time you saw something funny on TV?

Even the shows you get on Cable Television from Cable-TV just barely skirt around the definition of comedy. And comedic movies? When was the last time you saw one that made you laugh that wasn’t from as far back as 1988?

Comedy, it seems, has been suffering a slow death throughout the entertainment world ever since early 2000. And, while there may not be anything laugh-worthy on the old boob tube or on the silver screen, at least you know there is a place you can go to get some laughs online and that place is Something Awful.

No, seriously, that’s the name of the site. And, sure, while you might find some things on the site that blurs the line between good and bad taste, most of what you will find on the front page is pure, comedic gold.

The writers of Something Awful have spent years commentating on world news and internet culture and have formed a satirical wit and style that is almost immediately identifiable. They are like the Daily Show of the internet when it comes to their sense of humor and treatment of stories, and definitely something worth checking out.

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What Are The Funniest Viral Videos Of All Time

The Internet is a great source of humor, fun and entertainment for billions of people across the world. Some of the funniest and most popular forms of humor on the Internet are viral videos. Viral videos are videos that become incredibly popular in a short amount of time. Some viral videos featuring comedians and humorous acts have led to the people in the videos becoming famous. Viral videos are seen online, but they are also featured Read the rest of this entry »

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Where Can You Get Your Joke Fix Online

Humor is a great possessive quality that many people find amusing and very comfortable. However there are some jokes that are not family friendly that should be avoided when speaking with anyone under the age of eighteen. Many of the jokes for kids can be found on sites that focus primarily on children. If it does not focus on children more than likely the jokes will be out of their age range to read, hear, or see.

Here you can find funny websites that you can enjoy Read the rest of this entry »

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Funniest Websites Safe For Young Kids

Finding web sites that your kids can go on and simply have fun can be tricky with so many different web sites out there. You will find that your kids want to be able to go on the internet and have fun the same way they see you do every day. Kid’s web sites have changed a lot from where they started now you will find that there are kid friendly web sites all over the internet. They range from Read the rest of this entry »

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How Comedians Use The Internet To Promote Themselves

With all of the resources that are available on the Internet, comedians are finding it easier and easier to get their name and their work out there for others. This is fortunate for those of us who enjoy comedy, because it allows us to find hilarious comedians that we have never heard of, and it allows us to seek out good comedy for free.

More and more comedians are joining social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. They might post funny jokes and comments on their pages, and they will Read the rest of this entry »

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Where Can You Find Funny Comments For Your Profile

Whether you have a Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site you may want to post humorous comments to draw attention to your profile. This is true for personal and business profiles. There are even some people and companies that hire professional networking and blog writers to come up with their posts and comments. However, if you are not rolling in the dough there are other options available for you to compete.

One option to find funny comments for your profile is to check Read the rest of this entry »

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